Car Rental Costa Rica - Cell Phones

Whether you are visiting, or planning to live or retire in Costa Rica, you will find that having a mobile cell phone is just about a necessity.  The convenience of carrying a mobile  phone for emergencies or just keeping in touch with family, friends or business associates is priceless.

We can even  assign your cell number in advance so you can give your number to friends, family, and associates before you leave for Costa Rica.

We do not charge extra per-minute rates as do many companies.  We charge one flat fee of only $10 per day, and that includes UNLIMITED talking minutes inside Costa Rica and unlimited minutes when receiving international calls.

Rate also includes free Voice Mail and free text messaging.

We also rent just the SIM cards if you have an "UN-locked" and compatible cell phone from home that you would like to use here in Costa Rica.

Can call the U.S. or Canada for only $0.35 per minute using our pre-paid international phone cards we offer.