Starting at $39/day All-inclusive:

Special lower Weekly and Monthly rates also available

  • Unlimited Miles

  • Unlimited Licensed Drivers

  • Free Meet-and-Greet

  • Detailed Road Map with 4x4

  • Full Coverge Insurance

  • Free 24/7 Roadside Service

  • No hidden charge

  • Drop-off and Pick-up Service
!*WARNING*! MANY Auto Rental Costa Rica agencies (even the Major firms) here in Costa Rica quote an artificial LOW rate online, or by phone, BUT when you arrive at their office for the paperwork, or sometimes at the END of your rental, you discover the true final total is often MUCH higher than the rate you were quoted, with added fees and charges tacked on. WE DO NOT DO THIS!! The totals I offer you here, are the true bottom line totals. NO hidden costs are added at ANY time!

Car Rental Costa Rica

Planning a trip to beautiful Costa Rica? You won't find a more relaxing and enjoyable destination. The people, the beaches and the wildlife of Costa Rica will make your stay so memorable and appealing that you won't ever want to leave. Alas, many things can go wrong - even in the most relaxing of places, if you don't plan ahead and organize. Although Costa Rica as a great bus system, to properly navigate and see most of this country, a Costa Rica car rental is a necessity. We are here to save you the trouble and frustration of finding Costa Rica 4x4 rental and operating it.

When you choose Dean's Costa Rica 4x4 Rentals, you aren't just choosing a car, you're choosing people, people who want you to have your best vacation ever. We here know how frustrating and tiresome it can be to deal with a service that just doesn't care about it's customers. That's why we offer services like 24/7 roadside assistance in case anything ever goes wrong when you're on the road. Have a chance to meet our 4x4 Rentals Costa Rica staff, who will be more than happy to give you a few tricks for your voyage and the best destinations. Also ask us about out our cell phone and GPS rentals.

Help us help you make this a trip you won't soon forget, by helping you get there.

Costa Rica Car Rental



Donna Ealy - Dallas, Texas, USA

John Pritchard Sr
Dover, Florida 33527


Low Season Rates per day / 4x4s

Compact two door
Larger mid-sized 4 door
seats $49/day

High Season Rates per day / 4x4s

Compact two door
Larger mid-sized 4 door
4 seats $59/day