So you've landed in Costa Rica.

Now what?


You’ve found yourself in Costa Rica - one of the most beautiful countries in Latin America, for a fantastic vacation ahead of you. You’ve landed, got your baggage and checked into a hotel and are ready to explore. What’s the first step? Well of course, renting a car from Dean’s 4x4 Rentals Costa Rica will get you started in the right direction. So you have a car and have access to one of the most diverse and fascinating countries in the world, where do you go? Because of its small size, you can see most of the country in a short period of time. Let’s look at just some of the many awesome destination spots that are within your reach wherever you are in Costa Rica.

Monteverde Cloud Forest

Located in Puntarenas, North West of San José, one of the seven wonders of Costa Rica, the Monteverde rainforest and reserve houses almost 3000 different species of plants and animals. There exists a small village next to the forest with houses spaced apart from each other. What was once a relatively isolated and small town has now exploded into a major ecotourism destination, all thanks to the rainforest. There are canopy rides, coffee and hanging bridges tour, and many other activities are available including the Serpentarium which houses many varieties of snakes, or the Frog Pond which holds exhibits of many amphibian species like the poison dart frog. Car Rental Costa Rica can get you there easily

Tortuguero National Park

Located in the more Caribbean side of Costa Rica; Limón, Tortuguero National Park is known internationally as a MUST STOP destination in Costa Rica. International and national tourists alike are always found enjoying this magical experience.   The park stretches north along the Caribbean coast up to the village of Tortuguero, which has a small population of around 500. It is the most important turtle nesting site on the entire western half of the Caribbean for the Green Sea Turtle. A quiet destination, Tortuguero has numerous lodges, cabinas and hotels for all types’ budgets. From February to October, tourists staying in Tortuguero will witness the hatching of hundreds of baby turtles with their mothers returning to the sea. The spectacle is magnificent.

Arenal Volcano

The Arenal Volcano – located in La Fortuna de San Carlos, is the most active volcano and the hottest tourist destination in Costa Rica (literally). 10 Km from the small town of La Fortuna is scenic Arenal Volcano that can be seen spewing harmless smoke and ash into the atmosphere.  Once a small village, because of the beauty and popularity the volcano has achieved, La Fortuna has expanded into a bustling tourist destination as well. The town has hotels, cabins and resorts all centered around the volcano theme. Arenal Volcano is a favorite destination of most 4x4 Rental Costa Rica patrons. An example of this is the numerous natural springs located all across La Fortuna. Utilizing the hot springs generated by the Arenal volcano, many hotel owners have put up restaurants, resorts and spas around them. There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting in a hot spring watching a volcano light show while sipping on a Piña colada. Aaaah Pura Vida!


So what are you waiting for? You could be enjoying yourself right now! Just reserve a Costa Rica Car Rental now.