A Quick Guide to Sunny Costa Rica

Part 2: Rice and Beans have never tasted so good!

By now you’ve probably read our first guide to marvelous Costa Rica. In doing so, you've learned the basics of what this country is like and obtained a simple description of its characteristics. Now, let’s delve a little deeper into what more this country really has to offer. Costa Rica is truly one of the most underrated vacation destinations in Latin America, We at 4x4 Rental Costa Rica aim to change that. one the reasons being because of its tiny imprint on the map. One thing is for sure though; it will leave a huge imprint on your heart. Costa Rica is much more than just its beaches.  Let start with...

The People

The people, who refer to themselves as “Ticos”, are known for their generosity, their desire to help you at all costs and their use of the term Pura Vida or the good life, which basically can be likened to Hakuna Matata. This term is actually quite descriptive of the people themselves. Often, people walking down the streets, or buying food at shops say hello by saying Pura Vida. In fact, try it out for yourself, when someone asks: “Como estas?”, respond with your own Pura Vida!, I guarantee you will get a smile and even start up a friendly conversation. Of course, as is the case in every country, it’s wise to always show prudence and foresight to stay out of trouble, and Costa Rica is no exception. Don't stay in the streets to late after dark and don't wear really flashy jewelry. Nevertheless, the general public are mostly amicable; if you show

someone you meet the same kindness and respect you would treat anyone back home, then you might just walk away with a new friend. You'll find our staff at Car Rental Costa Rica to be excellent examples of these fine qualities.

The Food

Now for most of us, rice and beans for breakfast sounds kind of funny, but for the Ticos, it consists of one their major culinary staples. In fact, most even integrate rice and beans in each of their 3 daily meals. A typical breakfast served in homes and in restaurants is called the Gallo Pinto, which consists of a portion of rice and beans mixed together, a fried egg and some fried plantains, all served with soft corn tortillas or toast.  Typical lunch meals are Casados, these are similar to the Gallo Pinto, but with a greater emphasis on protein. Casados feature, once again, rice and beans (separately this time), a salad, fried or crunchy plantains (patacones) and a choice of meat; either beef, pork, chicken or fish. These meals heavily emphasize a wonderful mix of sweet and salty flavors, and fill you up for the whole day; dinner is hardly ever even necessary. When looking for somewhere to eat, make sure to ask for a “Soda” – this means “typical restaurant”. Buen provecho!

Services and Healthcare

By almost any standard, Costa Rica has some of the best health care in Latin America. Health care costs are about a third of what you’d pay in the U.S. Doctors, for instance, rarely charge more than ₡30,000 ($60) a visit, and most of them charge even less. Many doctors speak English and have received training in U.S. or Europe. Pharmaceuticals are also much less expensive, especially when purchased outside of touristic San José. Dental work – ranging from simple fillings to full surgery, is 70% cheaper than the U.S. and dentists here are as qualified as the ones up north. Finally, for those looking for some cheap but world-class comestic surgery, Costa Rica prices are at 50% of their U.S counterparts. Many have taken advantage of their vacations in Costa Rica to get healthcare, dental, or cosmetic work done. Even with the flight, hotel, and low Costa Rica car rental costs added, it’s still comes out cheaper then U.S, Canadian or European treatment prices.



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