A Quick Guide to Sunny Costa Rica.

Part 1: What you need to know to have yourself a Pura Vida!


So you’ve chosen Costa Rica as your next vacation destination; a fine choice. Get ready for some of the most beautiful scenery and the most loving people. Of course with every foreign country, it’s always better to get there with a certain degree of knowledge and preparation. That’s why we at Dean's 4X4 Car Rental Costa Rica have prepared a short and quick guide to help you get more acquainted with this stunning country.


There are only a few things one must know about the weather when entering a tropical country. If you come from a more northern region, you will be surprised to notice that there are only two seasons instead of the four we usually get to see. There is the Dry Season and the Rainy Season. In touristic terms, they are also referred to as the High and Low season respectfully, which means that travel prices tend to drop around the rainy season. They are exactly as they sound; the dry season – from December to April is hot, sunny and with hardly a drop of rain, the rainy season – from May to November, is rainy every day. A typical day during the rainy season usually means that the mornings are incredibly sunny but are followed by rainy afternoons. This pattern may change with the different regions. Ask our Car Rental Costa Rica staff about these changes and how you can deal with them.



Costa Rica is home to one of the widest varieties of different geographical regions, landscapes, wildlife and flora. Basically, it can be divided into 4 distinct region types: Valley, Coasts, Mountains, Rainforests. A Costa Rica Car Rental will let you experience all of them.  A little bit of research will show you which cities exist in these regions. San Jose and its adjacent cities are located inside the central valley which contains the climate described above. Travelling a bit higher up will let you find cities like Zarcero, famously known for its beautiful park and brisk, cool weather. Beaches can be found everywhere along the coasts – both pacific and Caribbean. With a little bit of cunning and patience, you can even find a beach virtually to yourself and your family. Finally, places like Monteverde house the world famous Costa Rican rainforests, home to 0.05% of the entire world’s wildlife.


As most know, the predominant language spoken in Costa Rica is Spanish, but, what most are surprised to find is a large number of the populace can speak or at the very least understand English. There also exist many foreign language communities like: French, Italian, and German. You will also find a very large number of North Americans actually living in Costa Rica and enjoying its beauties on a daily basis, this is the case with 4x4 Rental Costa Rica 's owner. Many choose to live in Costa Rica because of its stability and low crime rate. This might be related to the fact that Costa Rica has no army. Instead of paying for armed forces and risking a military coup, money was instead invested in free public education. As a result, a strong educated middle class developed and brought stability while other countries in the region fell under dictatorships or suffered through civil wars.

Not bad for such a tiny country! Right?



So what are you waiting for? You could be enjoying yourself right now! Just reserve a Costa Rica car rental now.